Friday, July 27, 2012

Second Quarter Rochester Real Estate Statistics!

According to the Greater Rochester Realtors Association in regards to the Second Quarter sales: "It is a very active market with many multiple offers and we are presently seeing glimpses of a shift to more of seller's market locally.

"The unseasonably warm weather in January and February led to an early flurry of activity in the local market. Due to the earlier than normal start to the spring selling season, we have been anticipating a pause in activity at some point this summer since the nice weather doesn't bring new buyers into the market, it only spurs existing buyers into action earlier. When we saw the decline in sales from the previous report, we assumed it was the pause we had anticipated. Combined with the large increase in purchase contracts accepted, it looked exactly like what we had expected. When reviewing the corrected numbers, it looks like the trend towards a slow, but steady, recovery is on track, and in fact is more even and gradual than we anticipated.


When is the last time you heard this???? Here goes, I have been following the ReHouse Architechtural Salvage move to a new location NEAR my house!!! Yeah!!! But here's the news that matters to you:

Saturday, that is TOMORROW, they will have their old location open because

ReHouse would rather reuse and recycle than throw away items, so the remaining items will be given away. It will be first come, they will not reserve items in advance.
You must pick up the items immediately.
Items will remain FREE through Tuesday at 12 pm

Go to 1473 E. main st, Rochester, NY and check it out! You never know what you might get at the bargain price of FREE!!!! And them thank ReHouse and ME!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Filling empty spaces by Kodak! ReHouse!

Here is a link to Google maps to see the new location for ReHouse Architectural Salvage.

They will soon be located in the Tenth Ward, a boon for those restoring the fine old homes found in the Maplewood area. Close to my home on Selye terrace, where we are restoring a fine old Queen Anne Victorian. Rehouse plans to be in their new place by August 1st!

There is a moving sale going on now at Rehouse. You can by anything in the store for 25% off and you can save 30 off lighting, plumbing and appliances. Get a GREAT deal and help Rehouse move to their new building at the same time. By mid July, the current 1473 E. Main St store will be the bargain store with everything there marked to sell!

Be sure to check out their Web and Facebook pages for discount announcements. Call for more information or visit!

1473 East Main St. (map)
Rochester, NY 14609
(585) 288-3080
9 - 5 Mon, Tue, Wed
9 - 7 Thu, Fri
9 - 6 Sat

Monday, June 18, 2012

Listings Hijacked as Rentals!

This past week my eyes were opened up to rental scams involving listings. How the scam works is someone, usually overseas, identifies listed properties that have nice photos and seem to be in desirable areas, especially college towns and "in" neighborhoods. Needless to say this is a headache for all involved! My sister and brother-in-laws home has fallen prey to one of these scams. The picture above is their home, a lovely house for sale in College town Brockport, NY.
Fortunately I was called by a potential renter and once I became aware of the situation, I wrote an ad for the property on Craigs list letting potential renters know this property is not for rent and a victim of a scam. I asked people to contact me if they had contact with the scammer. Many did contact me and I have tried to refer this to the authorities. Unfortunately many times the scammers are out of country, in this case the scammer is in Nigeria.
To create the scam, the scammers lift the information out of the MLS advertising or other ads and post an ad on Craigslist and other web venues, listing the house as a rental. They also identify who the owners are and open then pose as the owner by creating an email address in their name, so that communications seem legitimate.
The scammer prices the rental at below market value to generate a frenzy or urgency with prospective renters that they need to act immediately to snap up the rental before someone else does. Sometimes when people perceive a value, their sense of reason flies out the window!
Some scammers go so far as to break in change the locks and show up to show the property and collect deposits!!!
Moral of the story is if you are in the rental market, be very careful. Never send money to someone via Western Union or bank transfer for a rental. Meet with a property manager or owner to see the property. If You meet with a property manager, be aware all property managers must be NY State licensed Brokers or their agent. They must carry an identification card showing their name, picture and agency name as well as license number. If it is an owner showing you the property, I am sure they will not mind if you ask for identification, prior to issuing deposit and first months rent. Explain you are aware of rental scams and just want to make sure you are dealing with the actual owner. If they refuse run the other way! They might be a scammer or they might be a very difficult housing provider who you would not want to rent from anyway!!!

Look below for an actual communication by the scammer in my sisters case. It is interesting to say the least.

For all your Real estate needs call me! Gini Denninger, Broker of Goodman Realty. 585-760-3880

Thank you for the interest in my house. The house is still available for rent; the house was completely renovated easy access to Public Transportation. The Bedrooms are equipped with everything you need for your stay.

Monthly Rent: $800
Security Deposit Is $600
Total move in cost:$1400
House address: 93 Fayette St Brockport, NY 14420
Utilities are included in the rent.
Minimum rental: 1 month
Maximum rental: 6 years or more.

I will love to have showed you round the house and the inside, but am sorry i am presently out on a missionary trip.I have been posted to the West Africa by the United State Christian Organization for (Worldwide Missionary Outreach). We are now in West Africa for the Missionary work and so all you can do is drive by the home anytime. i wanted to sell it before and later changed my mind to rent it out for investment purposes since i might still come back some time 5 years or more to come. So we have ordered them to stop all advertisement about the home for sale and that will be effective asap. So i wouldn't want that to bother you at all I could not find an honest agent to hand over the place before leaving so i and my wife decided to post the property online. Here is our rental application form that you will have to fill if you are still interested in this house.

Name (First name/ Middle name/Surname ) : __________?
Phone # : __________?
E-mail : __________?
Best time to call : __________?
How many proposed occupants : __________?
List all in addition to yourself including approx age : __________?
Present Address : __________?
City/State : __________?
Will you have pets : __________?
Please describe Breed, size : __________?
Personality of pet : __________?
Preferred move in date : __________?
Intended length of lease: __________?
Earliest possible date of deposit payment: __________?
Length of previous tenancy : __________?
Present occupation : __________?
Are you a section 8 applicant : __________?
Do you run a business from home : __________?
If so what kind of business : __________?
Do you work late night : __________?
Do you smoke : __________?
Do you drink : __________?

I CERTIFY that answers given herein are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application for tenant screening as may be necessary in arriving at a tenant decision. I understand that the landlord may terminate any rental agreement entered into for any misrepresentation made above.Here is my contact my cell phone number you can reach me on anytime so that i can attend to you better +2347043099033 or 0112347043099033

Best Regards and Remain Blessed

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

But I don't want to make any repairs!!!

Many times I go to a listing appointment and I have to have the dreaded conversation with the seller regarding repairs that should be made before putting the home on the market. It can be anything

from small cosmetic changes to major repairs.

As you can imagine, this is not always a favorable topic. I am usually met with two kinds of challenges.

It’s hard for sellers to see the value in making cosmetic changes since “they love that color” or “those gold fixtures were expensive (20 years ago)”. But sellers, you must remember once you put your house on the market its not your home any more it’s a product you are selling and the best way to appeal to a wide variety of buyers is to update your home even with something as inexpensive as new paint and a couple of new light fixtures. These relatively inexpensive repairs, if not done can cost you thousands in the end.

I know expensive repairs such as windows, furnace, roof, etc., not everyone can afford to make these repairs. But if these items need to be repaired or replaced, the price must reflect those repairs needed. Nothing screams “DON’T BUY ME” like a 40 year old furnace and a 30 year old roof. I have also heard from sellers that they would rather wait until after the home inspection and see if the buyer wants those items repaired, “why fix it if I don’t have to”. I always felt this is the wrong approach to selling your home. You want your home to show its best and costly needed repairs will turn away a large group of buyers. As a result your home will sit on the market longer and eventually you will have to decrease the price. So in theory, you didn’t want to spend $3,000 on that new furnace, but you have reduced the price of your home since listing it by $10,000.

Don’t be foolish trying to save a few bucks in the end it will probably cost you!!!

This great blog post was written by Lee Ann Obenauer, and is published with her permission. She can be found at Metro Roberts Realty. hamburg, NY. Her phone number is 716-983-3607. Or, email her at

Friday, May 11, 2012

Car Hobbiest Is Selling His Diggs!

This listing is not for everyone, but for the person that needs what it offers, it is nirvana! Check out this incredible property. Currently owned by a gentleman who restores and repairs sports cars, it can serve so many purposes! There is a large out building that is heated, has electric and H2O, several large overhead doors. The house is immaculate and large. There is a full suite in the bottom level which is a walk-out. It could serve as an apartment, teen or in-law suite for sure.
Check this gem out and if you don't want so outstanding a property, but think you might know someone else who would benefit by owning it, please pass it on! Here's the link Link

We are showing it Saturday Morning at 11:00 am. if you would like to see it call me before the showing so we can invite you to join us!

Rochester NY Doing's for May 12, 2012!!!

Rochesters annual clean sweep is underway early Saturday morning in Rochester's northeast quadrant. Go to the Northeast Neighborhood Service center early in the morning at 500 Norton St. If you want to participate. FMI call 311 if you are in the city, or call 428-5990.

If you are a bird lover head over to Washington Grove at 8:30am. Bird expert Peter Debes will identify song birds, explain their lifestyles and how to help preserve these special little creatures for the next generation. Best bring your binoculars! If it rains this event is postponed until May 15th.

The Monroe Branch of Rochester Public Library is hosting a Spring/Summer talk by Master Gardners of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County. ( I am not sure what the topic is this week, but it will last about 4 minutes and you can ask questions through out the session. Head on over to the library be there by 12:30, at 809 Monroe Avenue. Afterwards you should get over to the Lilac Festival!